Prostitution in the 20th Century

While studying for the exam on Thursday… I am also researching for my group project and my topic is on prostitution during 20th century. I found out that there is a lot of documents on the subject and another name for it is the “White Slavery”. Its interesting to see the affects of prostitution back than and how it severally hurt women’s health. Syphilis broke out and women were solely blamed for it. Immigrant women were the major target for prostitution because majority of them were impoverished and as a result, led them to prostitution for a source of income. Even though some women went into prostitution willingly, a lot of them were coerced into the sexual trade. This is where the term ” White Slavery” or “Sexual Slavery” came from. Through my searches, I found a document that shows a little black book that was given to men, kind of a tour guide of New York City. Instead of restaurants and bars, it gave ratings on brothel houses. The actual pages were online which made it fun to read the descriptions given about each house. Our project is very interesting and as I keep looking info up, the more shocked I am about the topic. I cannot believe the United States let this go on for as long as it did. 

Believing is Seeing

While reading Errol Morris’s “Photography as a Weapon”, there was a quote he said that really effected how I look at photos from news sources.

“I guess the attribution tells you you’re looking at a genuine Iranian photograph — the photograph really came from Iran — not that the photograph itself is genuine.” 

This quote blew my mind because it gave me the realization that even if there are photos spreading around that are false, as long as they are giving the message that was intended, no one really cares. The power behind photos is amazing, how it is a part of your brain that processes things completely differently than text. Even if the photo is wrong you will always remember the image in your head. The iranian missile photo was a fraud but it caused such chaos and put so much attention onto Iran that what the photo was a success even with is falsification. The fact that the message was still sent with a fraud photo absolutely terrifies me. I am not used to seeing news photos being tampered with, usually it is the occasionally celebrity photoshop that turns heads. The fact that people are trying to pass false photos as factual evidence is extremely disturbing. This means we do not have control over our own thoughts and that there is a group trying to control how we think. Especially since we process photos in such a different way from text, this can be very damaging to society. 

Unable to Find Anything…

While I was searching the database, I was unable to find anything on my subject. It may be that I was using the database incorrectly, or that my subject for research is too narrow… I think I am going to need to explore my vision for research a little bit more thoroughly. I might possibly need to change the subject around or maybe go a different angle if nothing is coming up while I search. One thing is for sure, tattoos are becoming more apparent in the work place and there has to be a reason for why this is occurring.

HTML Practice


This is an important header.

This is a not as important header.

This is a paragraph

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

    This is a paragraph.

    This paragraph has bold text.

    There is italics in this text.

    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3

This is a link.